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About One Africa TV

One Africa is committed to making life a little better - for every Namibian we cross paths with, across all spheres of life. Embracing the new paradigm that is media, One Africa TV curates and produces content that can live beyond the boundaries of traditional media, to merge digital and traditional television broadcasting.

Established in 2003, One Africa TV is Namibia's only privately owned television station and broadcasts throughout Namibia on DStv (284), GOtv (90) and live streams on the DStv Now App. In 2020 One Africa introduced simulcasting onto Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages for content it owns the rights to.

About One Africa TV

Meet our Content Partners


Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture

Through a Memorandum of Understanding with The Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture, #LearnOnOne broadcasts Grade 8, 9, 10 and 11 lessons produced by the Namibian College of Open Learning (NAMCOL). This Memorandum of Understanding serves to advance a shared vision for accessible, quality supplementary education for the Namibian learner. NAMCOL lessons currently broadcasting on #LearnOnOne includes Mathematics, Accounting, History, Home Economics, Science and Physics. Learners can also watch languages like German, Portuguese and Afrikaans as well as technical subjects such as Fashion and Fabrics and Building Studies as part of the Namcol produced content.


My Zone

NMH’s youth brand, My Zone, provides #LearnOnOne with Grade 0 - 7 lessons which form part of a collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture (MoEAC) and the United Nations International Children's Fund (Unicef). The wholly Namibian curriculum is supplied in the audiovisual medium, with a live teacher and child present for every lesson.

St Paul's College

St. Paul's College

Mrs Visser, a St. Paul’s College teacher provides Economics lessons aired on #LearnOnOne. A passionate qualified educator with 27 years’ experience, Mrs Visser provides the lessons as an added resource for teachers and students across Namibia, boosting their understanding further in Economics.


Waka Waka Moo

Waka Waka Moo is an animated cartoon TV show which incorporates hand puppetry as well as mascots into 25-minute episodes. Everything is produced from scratch, from the songs to the stories and it also relates to various countries as it talks about real life heroes that children can relate to. Apart from English, Waka Waka Moo also airs in various Namibian languages including Oshiwambo, Rukwangali, Silozi, Otjiherero, Khoekhoegowab, Afrikaans, Setswana and German.



Edugate Academy is a private school situated in Otjiwarongo, well known for its strong academic performance and its Eduvision project that operates interactive classrooms for rural schools. The Eduvision Project teaches remote, marginalized schools through e-learning and modern technology with the assistance of teachers from an already well-established school (Edugate Academy).

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