LearnOnOne embraces ‘The Year of Expectations’

LearnOnOne embraces ‘The Year of Expectations’

As we dive headfirst into the year ahead, #TeamLearnOnOne is thrilled to unveil our plans for 2024, recommitting wholeheartedly to our mission of providing learners with FREE, QUALITY supplementary school lessons and educational material. This year holds a special significance as we eagerly embrace what President Hage Geingob has aptly termed “The Year of Expectations.”

Fueling Academic Success 

Picture this: a Namibia where every learner achieves their academic dreams. 

For LearnOnOne, it’s not just a dream. We are actively making it happen. This year, we recommit to provide learners free supplementary education on our platforms, designed to fuel their academic triumphs and elevate their learning experience to new heights!

Impactful Partnerships

LearnOnOne is excited to explore and strengthen partnerships with our growing list of content providers who supply us with high-quality educational content tailored to the Namibian curriculum. Together, we aim to enhance the quality and accessibility of supplementary educational materials, creating a more enriching learning experience for learners across Namibia.

Reconnecting with Learners

In ‘The Year Of Expectations’, LearnOnOne is gearing up to reconnect with learners across Namibia. We are ready to dust off our outreach boots and embark on more school activations across Namibia to share our story and receive the much-needed feedback that helps us elevate our offering based on the evolving needs of our learners. 

Pioneering Educational Excellence 

Let’s talk impact! 

In 2024, LearnOnOne is not just joining the conversation; we’re leading the charge. One of our goals for the year is to contribute to the national discourse on education, pioneering access to free supplementary education. 

As we set the stage for an eventful 2024, we invite each one of you to be part of this journey. 

Help us make 2024 the year of transformation, inspiration, and endless possibilities for Namibian learners. 

Here’s to an EXTRA successful 2024!

Yours in education,

The LearnOnOne Team

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