LearnOnOne goes coastal with Erongo activations

Hot off the heels of our recent trip to the North, the LearnOnOne team visited the Erongo region to engage with learners and educators.

Though we’ve visited the coast before, this time, LearnOnOne brought the much-loved activations directly to learners at three schools:

  • Tutaleni Primary School (Swakopmund)
  • Namib High School (Swakopmund)
  • Kuisebmund Primary School (Walvis Bay)

Ms. Marolize Marais, an Afrikaans teacher at Namib High School, expressed her gratitude for our visit. She emphasised how essential platforms like LearnOnOne have become, especially in light of the setbacks many learners faced during and post-pandemic. Marais commented, “We don’t always want to look back at the difficulties we’ve faced, but the truth is that many of our students have fallen behind, some even losing an entire year of learning. Anything that supports our learners in cementing their classroom knowledge is invaluable.”

A special thank you to the Erongo Regional Director of Education, Ms ​​Erenfriede Stephanus. Her commitment and assistance played a pivotal role in making these school visits possible. Another special thanks to Capricorn Foundation, whose generous donation of branded bags was a big hit amongst the learners.

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