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WIS Teacher Academy to Boost Education in Namibia! 

Windhoek International School (WIS) recently announced the launch of its brand-new WIS Teacher Academy, set to kick off in August 2024. This initiative aims to empower educators across Namibia and the region with top-notch professional development opportunities. 

What’s in it for our teachers? 

The Academy will: 

  • Elevate teaching skills: Teachers will gain access to the latest teaching methods that encourage learner engagement, critical thinking, and active learning. 
  • Building leadership: WIS will train current and future school leaders to create positive, safe, and inspiring learning environments. 
  • Collaboration: The Academy will foster connections between educators, parents, and the broader education community by sharing best practices, exchanging ideas, and working together to make a real difference. 

Interested in learning more about the WIS Teacher Academy? 

Look out for more information on the WIS website ( and social media channels.