Help LearnOnOne continue to make an impact by Pledging for Education

As part of our continued efforts to connect and engage with our partners, #LearnOnOne recently hosted stakeholders from across industries to an information-sharing morning to share our journey and purpose. 

While we can all agree that education is the greatest equaliser of our society, the current reality is that many learners remain on the margins of quality education and need more support to give them an equal chance to succeed. 

As OneAfrica’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, #LearnOnOne is committed to present parents and learners with educational resources to help them prepare for a better future. However, while OneAfrica funds the majority of its recurring costs, the #LearnOnOne not-for-profit initiative continues to rely on sponsors to increase its impact.

As our CEO, Stefan Hugo says, #LearnOnOne is an alternative to extra tutoring that many Namibian learners can’t afford, making it a worthwhile project to support. “#LearnOnOne fills a crucial Namibian education gap between formal education and access to extra classes.  Its main aim is to support learning for Namibian children and adults on the wrong side of the significant Namibian digital divide (less than 10% of Namibian children have access or money to stream long format video). Starting from less than N$1.50 per day,  TV remains the most affordable high-quality long-format video platform.”

We thank everyone who attended the stakeholder event and hope this is the start of a fruitful partnership for the betterment of Namibia’s education.  

Be part of the education movement in Namibia!

By sponsoring lessons, partners help us cover the broadcast costs incurred by airing #LearnOnOne lessons for Early Childhood Development, Primary School and Secondary School. Sponsorships also contribute significantly to our other facets of the project including curation and indexing, improving content quality, and expanding content topics.

So, join the education movement today and help more learners access #LearnOnOne lessons on OneAfrica! Click the link below for more information on how to invest in learners’ education by sponsoring school lessons on #LearnOnOne. 

Click here to make your pledge:

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