LearnOnOne joins Top Cheri’s Kiddies Concert as media partner

#LearnOnOne is proud to announce that we are teaming up with Top Cheri’s Kiddies Concert as a media partner!

The concert which is aimed at encouraging young children to showcase their artistic and entrepreneurial talents will feature a host of entertainment and exhibitions for the little ones.

#LearnOnOne supports the education of Namibian learners by providing free supplementary lessons through digital platforms and on television. We strive to empower learners with education and entertainment content that will help them to unlock a new world of endless possibilities. By partnering with Top Cheri’s Kiddies Concert, #LearnOnOne will contribute to creating a movement that supports children to nurture their artistic talents.

Parents and educators are encouraged to help talented children near them to be part of the event. Parents and guardians can also book a stall for their children to sell or provide a service at the concert. For those who want to perform at the event, entries are still open until the 20th of November.

How to enter:

  1. Record an audition video of your best performance (dancing, singing, presenting etc.)
  2. Upload the audition video to social media, and tag the official Top Cheri’s Kiddies Concert social media pages. 

Performers and exhibitors should strictly be between the ages of 3 and 14 and all performances should be child-friendly.
For more information on how to be part of the concert, contact topcherimanagement@gmail.com. Follow @topcheri_kiddies_concert on Instagram and @learnononenam on Facebook for updates.

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