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LearnOnOne Unleashes the Wonders of Wild Africa!

🌍🦁🌿 New to LearnOnOne is a host of new shows that will inspire our young viewers to discover, learn, and explore the magic of Africa’s Wilderness! 

These exciting new additions to the LearnOnOne platform promise to ignite young minds, inspire little hearts, and spark a lifelong love for nature and conservation. 

Welcome to the captivating world of Wild Africa, where education meets adventure most thrillingly and educationally possible …

Dr Mark’s Kids Show: Adventure with a Purpose!

Enthusiastic and knowledgeable Dr. Mark takes young explorers on an unforgettable journey through Africa’s rich biodiversity. Through captivating visuals, interactive activities, and fascinating facts, our young viewers will have a front-row seat to learn about the incredible animals, plants, and ecosystems that call Africa home. Dr Mark’s Kids Show not only entertains but also instills a sense of wonder and appreciation for the natural world.

Unsung Heroes: Inspiring Conservation Stories from Africa

In the heartwarming and inspiring ‘Unsung Heroes’ series, we shine a spotlight on remarkable Africans dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment. From individuals who dedicate their lives to wildlife conservation to those leading sustainable initiatives in their communities, these stories highlight the incredible contributions that everyday people make to preserve and protect Africa’s unique ecosystems.

By showcasing real-life stories of individuals making a difference, we hope to empower young minds to believe in their capacity to create positive change at any age.

At LearnOnOne, we believe education extends beyond textbooks, and the natural world is a playground for learning and growth. With our Wild Africa content we aim to inspire a generation of environmentally conscious and compassionate global citizens ready to protect and cherish our planet. 

Watch Wild Africa content on LearnOnOne every Saturday at 13h30.

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