At LearnOnOne, we believe that education is the key to a brighter future. That’s why we are dedicated to taking our EXTRA campaign to every corner of Namibia, including the Oshana region. Recently, our team embarked on an inspiring journey to Oshakati, visiting three schools in the area: Oshihenge Combined School, Emono Combined School, and Iipumbu Senior Secondary School. The aim? To engage learners and educators about the LearnOnOne platform and the endless possibilities it offers.

Our first stop was at Oshihenge Combined School, situated a few kilometres outside Oshakati. The excitement in the air was palpable as our team introduced the LearnOnOne platform to eager learners. We showcased how our EXTRA video lessons, all within the Namibian curriculum, can revolutionise the way they learn. The learners were particularly thrilled about the diverse range of subjects and the opportunity to access educational content from anywhere, at any time, through our website.

Next on our journey was Emono Combined School, where the enthusiasm was just as infectious. Learners here were quick to grasp the potential of LearnOnOne, especially in bridging gaps in their studies and as a tool to prepare for exams. The teachers, too, were excited about the platform’s potential to enhance their teaching methods and empower their learners.

Our final destination was Iipumbu Senior Secondary School, where we engaged with older learners, some of whom were gearing up for final examinations. The LearnOnOne team emphasised how the platform can serve as a valuable resource for exam preparation, offering practice questions and exam tips. The students left the session feeling more confident and better prepared for the challenges ahead.

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