Multichoice Namibia, in collaboration with LearnOnOne, renewed its commitment to education by generously donating television sets and GOtv decoders to two local schools. This significant contribution was made during a handover ceremony on Thursday, on the same occasion as World Teachers Day 2023.

Multichoice Namibia’s philanthropic gesture extends to providing both schools with a year’s worth of GOtv subscriptions. These donations aim to empower the schools, granting learners access to LearnOnOne’s supplementary video lessons during afternoon school hours. This initiative promises to benefit both day scholars and those residing in hostels.

LearnOnOne, a Section 21 company, has provided Namibian learners with valuable supplementary education since 2020. The organisation broadcasts curriculum-based recorded school lessons and educational content for Pre-Primary to Secondary School learners on OneAfrica (GOtv channel 24 and DStv channel 284).

Roger Gertze, Managing Director of Multichoice Namibia, commended LearnOnOne for its commitment to providing essential supplementary education. He also noted that this initiative aligns perfectly with Multichoice Namibia’s vision of sharing genuine African stories, saying, “Through this generous donation, directed towards two underprivileged schools, we aspire to help our learners thrive academically by exposing them to locally produced content that entertains and educates simultaneously.”

Stefan Hugo, CEO of OneAfrica, said, “This partnership signifies our dedication to making a positive impact in Namibia’s educational landscape.”

Juanitha Goagoses, speaking on behalf of A.I. Steenkamp Primary School remarked, “This generous donation will significantly expand the scope of learning opportunities for our students. While face-to-face learning in the classroom is indispensable, television-based learning will offer a unique and invaluable experience for our learners.”

Both Multichoice Namibia and LearnOnOne reiterated their dedication to this cause, emphasising the importance of accountability for the donations. The beneficiary schools have committed to providing regular reports on the utilisation and impact of these generous donations.

For more information about this initiative and future collaborations, please contact:

Rukee Kaakunga 

LearnOnOne,  PR Officer