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LearnOnOne’s top 5 tips to keep learning over the holiday

Hi learners!

We can all agree that it’s been a long semester, right? Well, it’s finally time to kick off our school shoes and get into holiday mode. But even though we need to rest over the holiday, we should remember to #LearnOn. That’s right. Learning doesn’t just happen between four walls. It happens everywhere, any time, even during the holidays!

To help you find the coolest ways to learn this holiday, here are some tips from the #LearnOnOne team:

  1. Get out into nature

Being outside in nature has been proven to boost your cognitive skills and does wonders for your concentration. So go out to your local park, take a walk with your family at your village or visit the beautiful beach at the coast. 

  1. Get some rest!

Yes. Resting not only restores your energy levels after a tough semester, but sleeping specifically helps you to have a better memory. So make sure to get enough sleep and stay well rested so that you can be energised for the next semester.

  1. Visit a museum or cultural centre

Namibia has many amazing museums and heritage sites that are a treasure trove of learning opportunities. Whether you’re into history, marine biology or the amazing cultures of Namibian people, you can visit the Swakopmund aquarium, the museums and cultural sites across Namibia. 

  1. Read

We can’t stress enough how important reading is to learn and to stay informed about everything around you. Sign up for a membership at your local library, borrow or exchange books with your friends and family and if you aren’t fortunate enough to have access to books, borrow a newspaper from a neighbour, friend or family member and read as much as you can.

  1. Keep watching your favourite subjects on #LearnOnOne

If you want to prepare for the next semester by catching up on some school lessons, you can also watch #LearnOnOne wherever you are. Remember to take notes, concentrate and study while watching the lessons on TV, our Facebook page or on the website. Click this link to check out the calendar for all the lessons for the month of June.
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