Fun activities to keep you busy this holiday

Hi learners!

How are the holidays going? We are pretty sure that this has been a great time to rest and recharge, but sometimes we can run out of things to do when we have so much free time. So, the #LearnOnOne team is here to give you six fun activities to keep you busy. 

Remember to rope in your family and friends in some of these activities because they can be even more fun when done with others.

1. Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is a way to preserve and present memories through photos, printed media or even cool stickers in a book, box or card. This is a cool hobby that will not only help you develop your creative skills, but also help you preserve some of your favourite memories with your friends or family. Look out for any unused items around the house that you can use in your scrapbook – that sweet note you got for your birthdays, those cool stickers from your last lucky packet – be creative!

2. Visiting your family and friends

Use this time to connect with friends and family that you don’t usually get to see. If you can’t visit or have them over, call or send them a text message to show your love for them.

3. Gardening

One fun and productive way to pass time over the holidays is to start your own DIY garden at home. Remember to ask your parents or guardians to help, and make sure to not only grow beautiful flowers but also vegetables and herbs that can be used to make yummy meals for your family.

4. DIY Projects

Get crafty with cool DIY projects at home. These can range from painting to making clothes or even building something from scratch! There are so many projects that you can get started, ask a grown up to help you with ideas and get creative!

5. Get Physical with your favourite sport

Instead of spending the whole holiday indoors, get outside and play your favourite sport with friends or family. Do you love soccer? Organise a tournament with your neighbourhood friends. Are you into Karate? Teach your friends, siblings or cousins your moves. Just keep moving.

6. Make learning fun with LearnOnOne!

What are your favourite subjects to watch on #LearnOnOne? Share your love    for these subjects with your friends by organising a quiz to see just how much you all have learned from the lessons. Not only is this a fun activity to keep you busy, but it also keeps you learning and prepares you to start the second semester on a high note.

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