The Extra support our learners need

At LearnOnOne, we are proud to play a crucial role in the Namibian education sector by providing learners with extra learning material to help them succeed. However, as we cannot do it all by ourselves, the support of our partners and sponsors remains invaluable in helping us continue to empower Namibian learners across the country. 

American educator Francis Keppel, was famously quoted saying, “education is too important to leave to the educators”. 

These words have not rung more true than in the globalised world and increasing inequality. 

We thank all our broadcast sponsors for their generous contributions that have helped us keep LearnOnOne lessons On-Air every weekday since 2020 when we launched. Their contributions give learners that extra boost needed to succeed in school. 

Santam Namibia, Capricorn Foundation and Kalahari Holdings have supported LearnOnOne since the very beginning, and today, we celebrate them for their continued support. 

​Santam Namibia​

We believe that education is the key to a brighter future that every child has the right to. It is good to know that OneAfrica is making a difference in the lives of children through the LearnOnOne programme by making school lessons freely available for learners … It would be great if we can get some other partners on board for further assistance for LearnOnOne to have increased capacity to reach even more learners. – Santam Namibia HR and Sustainability Manager, Priscilla Malgas.

Capricorn Foundation 

As Connectors of Positive Change and a responsible corporate citizen, the Capricorn Foundation sees education as an investment that goes a long way and has a lasting impact on the future of Namibia. Therefore, we remain committed to investing in education in Namibia, in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

The Capricorn Foundation is honoured to support the LearnOnOne platform to ensure that we give our senior secondary learners access to quality educational material. Capricorn Foundation wants to partner with organisations like OneAfrica, who have the same vision of improving education in Namibia. – Marlize Horn, Group Executive: Brand & Corporate Affairs and Executive Officer of Capricorn Foundation. 

Kalahari Holdings 

LearnOnOne was introduced at the start of COVID-19 to assist learners without proper IT infrastructures. At this time, we all realised it was time to unite as a country, fight a common enemy and contribute to make a difference. We decided during that time to join forces with other corporate entities to assist OneAfrica with LearnOnOne. 

Kalahari Holdings has a history of being a responsible corporate citizen in Namibia and ploughs in local communities, with one of our core values being empowerment. We concur with Malcolm X who said “education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”. Hence, 90% of our corporate social responsibility budget is allocated to education in order to prepare a better future for the Namibian child. – Tuulikki Nelulu, Kalahari Holdings Group Manager: Marketing.

Photo captions (Top to bottom):

  1. (L-R): Capricorn Foundation Coordinator Veripura Muukua, Marlize Horn, LearnOnOne PRO, Rukee Kaakunga and TribeFire Studios CEO Stefan Hugo. 
  2. (L-R): Tuulikki Nelulu and TribeFire Studios Sales Lead, Nakushe Kapofi.
  3. (L-R): Santam Namibia representatives Heidie Hashipala (HR Administrator) and Priscilla Malgas (HR and Sustainability Manager) pictured with LearnOnOne Founder Stefan Hugo as well as TribeFire Studios Sales Lead Nakushe Kapofi.

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