Catch the First Future Careers Presentation

In an effort to help Namibian learners better align their studies and employment aspirations to the job market of the future, is hosting THE BIG JOB RETHINK Future Career Inspiration Session for high school learners. 

#LearnOnOne is a proud partner of this event which is aimed at inspiring the next generation of school leavers to think differently about the scope of the future. Presented by Christine Hugo from Onceuponmind and Debbie Rowles of Think Human Being, the 90-minute presentation aims to help children see and think about work from a new perspective that will broaden their horizons and expand their minds.

If you’re a learner, parent or educator, you should attend to find out:

  • What will the world look like in five years, or ten … 
  • Which jobs will be replaced by Artificial Intelligence
  • What skills will be required to remain relevant in the future 

The presentation will feature data, trend analysis, case studies, tools and insights that can help the next generation of school leavers to make informed and inspired decisions about their future career paths.

Here’s everything else you need to know about the event:

Venue: Windhoek High School

Time: 18:00 – 20:00

Tickets: Available for N$100 through WebTickets & your nearest Pick n Pay outlet

For more information, contact:

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