Teacher Appreciation Month – Why we love these unsung heroes

In anticipation of Namibian Heroes Day on the 26th of August, #LearnOnOne is celebrating teachers from all corners of the country. We dedicate the month of August to our unsung teachers occupying one of the few professions deemed to be “noble”.

So if you need a reminder, or if you’re a teacher who’s running low on confidence, here are some reminders why we love teachers:

  1. Teachers shape the minds of future leaders

Teachers believe in their learners. They encourage them to reach for their full potential. Many dreams gain shape through help and guidance from teachers, and we salute them for that. 

    2. They make complicated things seem easy

Who else explains complicated concepts or formulas than a dedicated teacher? We love how teachers take the time to explain things to learners in order to make learning as easy as possible. 

3. Teachers stepped up during the lock-down

We appreciate all the teachers who stepped up during the pandemic. They went the extra mile to ensure that learners got as much support as possible while on lockdown at their homes. For the first time, parents got to feel how it was to teach their own children, which helped change a lot of mindsets about the teaching profession.

4. Sometimes, teachers become deputy parents.

Teachers often partner with parents and guardians to ensure that children are equipped for success. 

5. Teachers become mentors, coaches and motivators!

What can’t teachers do? Be it sports coaching or mentoring and cheering on learners to do their best in academic, sports and extracurricular activities. Teachers do it all. 

6. They are the masters of patience

Because learners learn at different paces, teachers are trained to exercise patience when teaching. Teachers devote their time to ensuring their learners understand what they teach and that no one is left behind. Not to mention the patience required to calm big groups of children down when they get too excited or misbehave. 

Teachers are indeed superheroes! 

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