It Takes a Village …

The Grade 11 and 12 results for 2022 have caused a lot of finger pointing in Namibia, but let’s not forget that it takes a village to raise a child. The spirit of Ubuntu is strong here and it is beautiful to see so many stories of Namibians reaching out and helping others. We have seen several campaigns run by good Samaritans who assist underprivileged children with school necessities. There are numerous organisations running projects that offer learners further opportunities to reach their full potential; from extra tutoring support to after school projects that help keep the youth off the street. There are so many ways in which we can support learners. 

In 2020, OneAfrica launched the LearnOnOne non-profit initiative to support the education sector by providing Namibian learners with extra lessons to complement what they learn in the classroom. Since then, LearnOnOne has broadcast thousands of video lessons for Early Childhood Development (ECD), Primary School and Grade 8 to 11 learners. The lessons are available via the widely accessible television platform and on, with daily live-streams.

Learners have sent us inspiring testimonies saying that their results improved after watching the lessons. We are confident that more Namibian learners could benefit from this platform. While we recognise the limitations of the digital divide for learners in rural areas, there is an opportunity for partners in the telecommunications sector to help us broaden our reach. We are equally excited to expand our offering with more lessons and other educational content. More than anything, we want to continue building meaningful connections that will enable us to make the 2023 school calendar year a successful one!

How can you be part of the village?

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